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Inbox Blueprint

This course is about turning your passion into anEmail Marketing Business.

Without prior experience or technical abilities, Inbox Blueprint is a complete 5-step system that’s proven to work. With over 22,000 students over the past 3 years, we’ve perfected an easy to follow model that helps create a real, sustainable business built for the long term.

Inbox Blueprint combines step-by-step instruction videos, done-for-you content featuring 10,000+ unique articles, guided assignment-based training, community and coaching support and complimentary tools and software.

The heart of Inbox Blueprint is Launchpad, a proprietary cloud-based software that allows anyone to launch a complete online business from scratch in as little as an hour. With more than $200,000 invested and a year testing and perfecting, Launchpad is a complete done-for-you shortcut to starting an Email marketing business in any niche.